Yesterday I was having a lot of problems with my Polar heart reate monitor chest strap. I started off by wetting the contacts like I always do. I put the strap on and started the watch. It seemed to be working. I started my run byt walking at an increasing pace. When I hit about 4.3 miles and my heart rate was around 115, started to jog. Instantly the watcgh had my heart rate at 151-152. I knew this was wrong. I stopped the treadmill. I thought maybe the snaps were loose, or maybe the contacts weren’t wet enough. Re-wetted the contacts, and re-did the snaps. I start walking, and things looked good, but as soon as I start jogging, bam, the HRM instant shot to 151. Crap. I stopped the treadmill again, and was getting a little frustrated. I took the strap off, undid the snaps, and resnapped them. I repositioned the strap, and got going again. After the third or fourth attempt, I finally got going successfully.
My next problem is one that I have been battling for a while now. I am in good shape, and my upper body is sort of v-shaped. And as my waist has gotten thinner, the V shape has gotten more pronounced. So the chest strap is constantly wanting to slide down, especially int he back. I am constantly re-adjusting it. I need to find a solution for this. Maybe some sort of rubber piece I can slide over the strap in the back?
I ran 10 miles in the morning, and ran another another 4 miles in the evening. My evening run seemed to be going okay. I took a briff break a couple miles into it. But then the heart rate monitor kept saying my heart rate was zero. I would undo the strap, and redo it. re-wet the contacts, etc. It would work for a bit, but then as soon as I would start to run, ir would say my heart rate was 0 again. If I held the strap close to the watch, it would sense that the strap was close, and trigger those functions, but it would still be reading zero. Again I was going frustrated. I finally shut off the watch, and turned it back on again. Then it suddenly started working again. It was driving me crazy. I did lose my calorie count on the watch though.
Maybe the battery in the strap is getting low? I don’t know. Maybe I will contact Polar, or check out theri website to see if that have any suggestions for these problems.