I started researching a headlamp for running a couple weeks ago. I work 8-5, and in the winter months in Rochester, it is dark when I get to work, and dark when I leave. So if I want to run outside, I will need some sort of light. A couple weeks ago I went out running carrying a Mini-Mag. But it was awkward to point as my hand was in an unnormal position. I decided there must be some sort of flashlight designed for running. I already owned a headlamp, a Princeton Tec Vortec, which I use for hiking, and cave exploration. But I knew it would be too heavy to wear for running as it would be flopping all over the place. I was interested in an LED light that would have a long running time. I posted a message on a running board I am active on. A couple models of LED headlamps were suggested. One was the Petzl Zipka Plus. There is a variation of the Zipka called the Tikka Plus that is the same light, but has a strap instead of a cord around the head. These both have 4 LEDs. Another model suggested was the Princeton Tec EOS which is a single 1 watt LED headlamp.
I went to the local sporting goods store. They didn’t have either of these models. They did have a Princeton Tec Quad, a 4 LED headlamp similar to the Petzl Tikka. I went ahead an bought it. When I got back to work, I read some reviews of the Quad, and they were good. It seems the Quad is even brighter than the Tikka.
I intended to go running with the new headlamp last week, but got sick and wasn’t able to. Last night was my first opportunity to try it out. The Princeton Tec Quad has 4 modes. Three steady modes of differing light levels, and a flashing mode. I ran a little with the brighest mode, and it was fine. I tried the next mode down, and was able to run with that also. But I prefered the brighter mode. I did a 3 mile run and the light was great. Since it was subfreezing out, I was wearing a winter hat, and had the light strapped over that. It was comfortable though. The light can be angled downward, and I played with that some. I had it angled so it pointed about 10 feet in front of me. I liked that best. The light didn’t flop around at all, and was very light. Most of the weight is the 3 AAA batteries. After a bit, I wasn’t even very conscious of the light strapped to my head. I like it, and plan on using it for many more runs.