My 32.6 mile extreme trail ultramarathon is only 2 weeks away. There are no water stops or aid stations. I bought a 100oz Camelbak Mule for the ultra. I took it out for a test run a couple weeks ago and I didn’t like the feel of it. It felt weird like it was adding to my up, and adding to my down. I felt like it would suck my energy over the 32 miles. And I didn’t like sucking through the tube much. I starting exploring other options.
For all of my runs so far I have worn a fanny pack. For som training runs I have thrown a bottle or two of water into the fanny pack. So I decided to look into a double water bottle fanny packs. One suggestion on the ultra’s website was a North Face Mountain Bike Lumbar. I found the current model online for about $50, for older models for slightly less than $40. But if I ordered one online, I might not get it in time for my ultra. And I wanted to try it out during a test run or two to see if I would like it or not. I looked around the local sporting goods stores for the North Face, but none of them had it. I found some cheap looking fanny packs at one sporting goods store. I decided to keep looking. Then at another sporting goods store I found a Marmot Excursion for $40. It would hold a couple 1 quart bottles. It seemed to have most of the features of the North Face, so I bought it. It also had storage space which I will need to carry some food, map, etc, as well as some emergency supplies.
I was scheduled for a 30 minute run last night so I decided to try it out. The fanny pack didn’t come with water bottles. So I used a couople 16oz bottles of water (generic bottled water). I strapped the thing on and ran my 30 minutes on the treadmill. It felt much better than the Camelbak. True, I only had about a third of the water, but the weight was more on my hips. I am debating about using the 16 oz bottles, or buying some 32 oz Nalgene bottles.
But after last night’s run, I am confident that the water bottle fanny pack is the right way to go.