Bought swimwear and goggles

I stopped at the local triathlon/running/walking store last night after work. I wanted to get some new swimwear. I already have some swim trunks that are the baggy kind. But I wanted something like what I might wear for a race. I had scanned the big box store during lunch and saw some of the compression type swim shorts from $31 to $50.
At the tri store, the owner was busy helping people with shoes. So I looked around. I found a rack with swimwear. Actually there were a few racks with different stuff, including wetsuits. I think buying a wetsuit for swim lessons would be a bit overkill. LOL! The had triathlon shorts with padding, though not as much padding as my regular bike shorts. They also had compression type shorts with no padding. They were like my running shorts except maybe a little thicker and with a drawstring.
Eventually the owner came over and told me about the various shorts. I first looked at the tri shorts, but ended up deciding against them at this time. The padding would be weird for the swimming lessons, and I am not sure what I will be wearing for a triathlon yet, whether it be a wetsuit, or tri shorts or what. I decided to go with the compression type swim shorts. He had different brands. He recommended Sugoi and Tyr. But he didn’t have the Tyr in my size though. So I tried on the Sugoi Turbo Jammer shorts, and they fit well. They were $40 which seemed reasonable so I bought them.
I also looked at swim goggles. I have some Speedo swim goggles that I bought previosuly. But I read somewhere that you want different goggelsfor a tri than regular pool goggles. In a pool you can follow a line on the bottom. But in open water, you need to be able to site on stuff in the distance. He recommended a pair for $10. They were the cheapest ones he had, but he said that most people like them. So I bought those too.

I can swim, but not well. When I was kid, I had a lot of ear problems: infections, tubes, surgeries, etc. So I wasn’t allowed to go swimming for much of my youth. I did take swimming lessons, but I wasn’t very good at them, and since I never got a chance to practice…
Anyway, I am interested in doing a triathlon. In fact I would like to do an Ironman. I can run, and I cycle, but I can’t swim well. I mean I can slog my way across a pool, but I wouldn’t try to go out and swim 2.4 miles. I don’t think I would try swimming in open water.
So I finally said okay, and signed up for an adult swimming class and the local community center. Actually registration doesn’t start until next week, but I filled out the registration and dropped it in the drop box. So I should be in. It starts in June and last for 4 weeks, with a single hour long class each week. I figure it is a start. I will hopefully get some basic skills. Then I will need to practice by swimming laps I guess.
I am not sure what all they will cover in the class. I am mostly interested in freestyle. But I guess learning some of the other strokes might be useful. Maybe while swimming for 2.4 mile, I may need to switch to backstroke or something to rest the muscles I had been using. At least swimming for 2.4 miles, or for a little over an hour, will be the shortest event of the bunch.
One of my co-workers teaches the Total Immersion method of swimming at the local YMCA. I may hook up with him and get some more training there. I also have some of the total immersion books and videos.

I stopped down at the local running store to buy some more Carb-Boom vanilla-orange gels for my mountain bike race next weekend. Russ, the owner was busy helping a girl find some shoes. She tried on at least four or more pairs and ran on the treadmill.
While I was waiting, I wandered around the store browsing. I found the sale rack and found some interesting looking shoes at bargain prices. There were some Reeboks on sale for $20. I want to bring my kitchen scale down and weigh them and see how they compare to my FIla Volantes which weigh 10.5oz each.
Another shoe on the sale rack was the Adidas Adizero, which claimed to be the worlds lightest shoe. These were racing flats! They were on sale for $25. When Russ was done helping the girl, I asked if he had any in size 12. He did. I tried them on and ran on the treadmill. They were very light. I also noticed there is next to no cushioning in the heel. These shoes would force me to run on the balls of my feet which is what I should be doing anyway. The retail price of the shoes was $100, so $25 was an awesome deal. I went ahead and bought them.
When I got home I weighed them, and they weighed a paltry 4.6oz each. I wotn wear these in a marathon. But I will reserve them for short races. For instance, I will probably wear them in the 3.5 mile Chase Corporate Challenge next month. I wil wear them for a training run or two first just to get used to them.

I cheated! I am a cheater!!!! One month ago I ran The Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA. I finished the marathon in a time of 3:30:14 which qualified me for the Boston Marathon in 2009 when I will be 45 years old.
I must confess. I cheated! I didn’t cheat during the race. I ran every single step of that 26.2 mile race, and I honestly finished in 3:30:14. I estimate somewhere near 50,000 steps in fact. No, I cheated while training for it!
Here is how I cheated. Years ago, I played with body building for a while. And I learned various principles. One of them was the “Weider Cheating Training Principle”. When you are lifting weights for body building, you lift heavy weights doing reps until you hit the point of failure. You cheat by going beyond the point of failure. This is done by getting to the last rep when you literally just can’t get the weight up. A spotter will help you lift the weight for that last rep when you couldn’t get it up by yourself. This cheating allows you to go slightly beyond your limits.
I don’t do the body building anymore, but some of the principles cross-over. Such as the “Muscle Confusion Principle” in which you vary the exercises you do to force your muscle to continually adapt. The FIRST training schedule has this built it by varying the speeds and distances from week to week. And even another principle that describes what I did “Weider Rest-Pause Principle” which incoporates shorts rests between reps so to allow more reps.

Just to give you an idea of the path to my BQ:
Aug 2006: Started running
Dec 2006: 5:24 marathon
May 2007: 4:21 marathon
Sep 2007: 3:51 marathon
Dec 2007: 3:36 marathon
Mar 2008: 3:30 marathon

How I used the Cheating Training Principle or the Rest-Pause Principle was to take breaks. I chose a fast training schedule. Faster than I was capable of completing. The FIRST training schedule had little guidelines about whether you are ready for this schedule or not. I didn’t meet these. But I had a goal of running a 3:30 marathon and qualifying for Boston. I didn’t use the FIRST schedule, but other schedules as well. I cheated with those too.
The FIRST schedule has 3 runs/week. I run my intervals on Mondays, tempo runs on Wednesdays, adn long runs of Saturdays. The intervals are very fast. They have prescribed rest intervals. I found I could run the distance at the speed usually, but I needed a longer rest. The book has me walking or jogging the rest interval, but usually I would just collapse in a chair gasping for breath. After a bit, I would run the next interval, and then collapse again. Sometimes I would sit for as long as 10 minutes between intervals. But I would run each and every interval at the speed prescribed. Over time, these intervals got easier, more doable, and I didn’t need as long of break between them. I even needed to break the 3200m interval into two parts by adding a short breather between the first and second mile.
On the tempo runs, I would add breaks in. Sometimes they were walking breaks such as walking one minute each mile, or just getting off the treadmill for a couple minutes. But overtime these got easier, and I was able to complete the distance without any breaks.
I especially cheated during the long runs. I hate the long runs most. Sometimes I will break a 20 miler into two parts. I would run 10 miles into the morning, and 10 miles in the afternoon. And I would take short breaks during the run to go to bathroom, get lunch or play on the computer. Sometimes, I would do part of my run Saturday night, and finish it Sunday morning. But I would run each and every mile. My legs were still tired, and I forced myself to keep running on them.
I have been told that taking breaks wouldn’t work. But I am here to tell you, they do work. I got faster! And I have a BQ to prove it! And I did it by cheating!!!!

I didn’t used to get this. And I still don’t get it all the time. But sometimes during and after a long hard run, I get a rash on my forehead. I think it is caused by the profuse sweating and heat.
Last night I was running on my treadmill. I ran one easy mile at 10:00 minute/mile pace. Then I started on my fast running. I was scheduled to run 10 miles at 7:15 pace. I cheated by taking a couple minute breather between each mile. So I still ran 10 miles at 7:15 pace. I just kind of turned the tempo run into a long interval set. Hey, it has worked for me. Anyway, I was literally dripping sweat. I have a towel hanging off the side on my treamill, and I would be wiping my forehead. By the end of my workout, the towel was soaked. I was baking, and dripping sweat. It’s usually after workouts like these where I get a rash on my forehead. I am not sure if it is caused by the sweat, the heat, the combination of the heat and the sweat, or from wiping my forehead with a sweat soaked towel.
I did a search on “sweat rash” and “heat rash’, and some other terms. Some of the results mentioned a rash under sweathy clothing or a sweaty hat. But I don’t wear a hat on the treadmill. Some talked about blocked sweat glands, and that doesn’t seem like it either. So I am not sure what the cause of it is. It general doesn’t bother me too much. The skin is slightly sensitive, but not really painful. And it is red. Running my head under clean cold water usually helps it feel better.

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