Chase Corporate Challenge-Rochester

I wanted to do this even though I am only 4 days off of running the Buffalo Marathon. I wasn’t sure what my legs were up to doing. I have had a small pain in my left calf, and was not sure what it was going to do.
Over 10,000 people showed up to run this 3.5 mile race. I lined up between the 8 & 9 minute/mile posts. I had been warned the races would start slow, and many people would line up way ahead of what they were actually capable.
When the horn sounded, it was a while before our section even moved. Then we would move in surges. It took about a minute and a half to reach the start line. I started my HRM.
I spent a bunch of time weaving through people trying the pass all the slow runners!!!! There were so many people lining up ahead of what they were able to do!
My HRM was being flakey as far as pace (I have a Polar footpod) giving me all kinds of weird readings anything from 8 minute miles to over 17:00 minute miles (as I was runnning). I took a 1 minute walk break at about the 1.5 mile mark, and again at the 2.5 mile mark. I walked about 30 seconds at the 3 mile mark.
I was very hot! It was a hot humid day, and we got these cotton/polyester blend team shirts. They were very warm! If I had a tech shirt, I might have been able to go just a little faster as I would have been cooler.
I crossed the finish line at 31:33 (horn time) or 30:04 by my stop watch. My heart rate hit a new high of 194 BPM with my average HR being 181 for the race.

I bought a copy of 4 Months To A 4 Hour Marathon last year. I looked through it, but I ended up going a different direction with my training. I was following a Hal Higdon schedule running massive mils 5 days a week. I ran the Las Vegas Marathon, and was exhuasted after the 20 mile mark, and I didn’t even ran very fast. I continued to train for the Buffalo Marathon. I was always tired, and wasn’t getting any faster. I was using my heart rate monitor, and trying to keep my heart rate down. When I felt I wasn’t getting any faster I decided to switch gears. I had 5 weeks left to the Buffalo Marathon. I had already been building up a big base of long slow miles. So I decided to jump into the training schedule from 4 Months To A 4 Hour Marathon at week 13, targeting a 4:30 marathon. I added in some faster running as put forth in the scedule.
Well, the marathon was this last Sunday. I didn’t run a 4:30 marathon. Actually I ran it in 4:21:44!!!! I not only met my target time, I crushed it! I ran it faster than the schedule I was following!!!
My next Marathon is in September. I am looking to jump into 4:00 schedule at weeks 2 or 3. Week 2 would be this week I think, but I am tired and sore from the marathon. So I may start in ernest next week.
Another wrinkle is I am scheduled to run a 32.6 mile ultramarathon in July. I will just work that into the schedule, but I am planning on walking jogging that run.
With any luck, I will be able to run a 4:00 or maybe faster marathon in September.

After running the Nissan Buffalo Marathon this morning, I am home, and I am tired. I still haven’t drained the blisters on on my feet. I have blisters on at least 6 toes, maybe 7. And not small blisters either.
They predicted thunder storms, but they never happened. It did sprinkle a little around mile 16. Or maybe it was 15 or 17. I don’t know. These are where I was at anyway. The winner was probably already back in his hotel room.
The course was kind of ugly. The first half or the course went down by some ship docks (like where they repair or strip down old ships). And we also ran through some industrial areas. The second half of the course was nicer. We ran through some residential area, a couple parks, and a cemetery. Too bad the people running the half marathon only saw the first half of the course.
I did enjoy talking to a girl in the first half as we were running about the exact same pace. Unfortunatly she was running the half and we parted ways just before mile 13.
I listened to my MP3 player almost exclusively after that. I did see alot of the same faces around the course. But they we people on the sidelines that would ride bikes or drive to various parts of the course apparently following and cheering for someone running about the same pace as me.
Using the Jeff Galloway method, I took 1 minute walk breaks at the mile markers, also walking any uphill parts. It was new to me to take fewer walking breaks. Previously I had planned to walk every 5th or 6th minute. But I played with walking less, and running more and my time improved. I did take some extra 1 minute walk breaks in the last few miles when it was hard to keep running at all.
I finished in about 4:22. They hadn’t posted my time before I left so I don’t know my exact time. I was shooting for 4:30, and was expecting to get closer to 5:00. So I crushed my target time. I crossed the 13 mile mark at about 2:02. Not sure what I did at the half-marathon point as it wasn’t marked.
Around mile 25 there were a group passing out cups of beer. I didn’t know what it was at first. I knew it wasn’t water or Gatorade. I thought it might be apple juice, so I asked. They told me it was beer, so I passed. I don’t really like beer.
In the last mile, the song that came onto my MP3 player was Wouldn’t It Be Good by Nik Kershaw. The lyrics were appropriate: “I’m sick of fighting even though I know I should.” “Wouldn’t it be good if we could wish ourselves away?” “The sweat is coming through each and every pore. Don’t wanna be here no more.”
I am tired. I took a hot bath, now I am going to drain my many blisters.

I have the Buffalo Marathon in only 4 days!!!! I am aiming at trying to maintain a 10:10 pace for the run.

Today I was scheduled for a 5 mile run at pace. Since I am on vacation and not at home, I don’t have my trusty treadmill. So I actually had to run on the *gasp* road. Since I am going to be running in my tuxedo jersey in Buffalo, people have told me that I better try running in it. So I am up here in Maine on My Desert Island (where Bar Harbor is), running down the road in my tuxedo jersey. I mapped out a route that was about 5 miles. I had my Polar HRM with the footpod on. I have yet to calibrate the thing. I have planned to run at a 9:20 pace, and then walk every 6th minute. But I was having hard time trying keep track of distace, pace, time, etc on the watch. So I walked for one minute every mile. The watch was beeping the whole way telling me my HR is way up. I ran to the halfway point, the but the HRM is telling me I ran just under 2.3 miles instead of 2.5 miles that said it was. I turned around, and ran back. I got back to our campground with a total run time under 44 minutes. The watch said my pace was 9:36 I think. But if the distance was farther, then I ran faster. Later, we drove the distance, and found it to be about 2.5 miles to the turn around point. So if I ran 5 miles in under 44 minutes I was faster than a 9:00 minute pace. No wonder my HR was in the 170s!!! LOL! I was going way too fast!

I needed some new running shoes! My Reebok Ultra IIIs were ready to be retired. I have some Nike trail running shoes that stil have some life in them. They will probably not make it to the ultramarathon that I have scheduled in July. I was not overly impressed with the $100+ Reeboks. I have been just as happy with $50 trail running shoes. I actually wore trail running shoes in the Las Vegas Marathon. I am scheduled to run the Buffalo Marathon in less than two weeks. So I wanted to get some new shoes so that I could break them in.
I stopped in to Dicks Sporting Goods to see what they had on sale. I have always liked Nike, so I headed to that section. They had some Nike Air Max Conceal trail running shoes priced at $59.99. These were the cheapest of the Nike running shoes. After waiting to get help, I asked to try the green Air Max Conceals in sized 12. The guy disappeared for about 5 minutes before reappearing and telling me they didn’t have the green ones in size 12. I looked at some other shoes, including some Aasics that were on sale for $49.99. But I needed to go teach a karate class so I didn’t have time to look any more. After class, I came back to the store. They were going to be closing shortly. I asked about the Aasics. These were on clearance. The guy looked and said they didn’t have them in size 12. They have them in size 13, but that was just too big. I asked about the orange Nike Air Max Conceal’s in size 12. The guy went and looked, and they actually had them! I tried them on, and they were reasonable comfortable. I ran around the tiny track they have, and they felt good. I bought them. I think there was some sort of tax free thing as tax was under 4%.
I wore my new Nikes for my 20 minute jog tonight. They were confortable. They seem to have nice cushion in the heel. I will wait to see how they are for longer, faster runs.

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