Boston Marathon jacket

Having qualified for the Boston Marathon, and then to actually run, I had to buy a Boston Marathon jacket. I is sort of manditory. I knew that it wouldn’t be cheap, but the price was only of minor concern. Sort of like when I go to do the Ironman in August, I will probably be buying a bunch of Ironman stuff.
A bunch of friends of mine who had already gotten their jackets, were talking about the 2+ hour lines to get the Boston Marathon jackets in expo. There was a line to actually get the jacket, and another line to pay for it. But I had a friend who is a veteran runner, and local. He told me I could get the same jacket at a store near the finish line. So after our group finished brunch, a few of us went off to the store.
The store was Marathon Sports, and was location near the finish line of the race.
We went in, and the little store was crowded. But we could still move around easy enough. The jackets were hanging on the wall. They had the $60 screen printed jackets, and the $90 embroidered jackets. I wanted the embroidered one. Who knows if I will ever run the Boston Marathon again. I tried the large, and the sleeves were a little short on my long arms. So I tried the XL. It fit nicely. I got in line and less than 10 minutes later I was at the register. When the guy rung it up, the total came to under $90 with tax. Huh? I asked if it was on sale or something. Then I realized that the guy had given me a 10% discount because I was there with my friend who coaches local charity teams. Way frigging cool! So not only did I not have to wait in lines for over 2 hours, I also got a discount on the jacket!
Thanks Jeff! You rock!