Camelbak Mule

I am registered to run an Ultramarathon in July named the Damn Wakely Dam Ultra. It is 32.6 miles through the Adirondack mountains with no water stops, aid stations, or even crossroads. So I will have to bring my supply of water with me. On the Damn Wakely Dam Ultra they have a list of recommended gear. Among the gear are a several hydration systems including the Camelbak Mule. I already have a smaller Camelbak Flashflo. But the FlashFlo doesn’t hold enough water, and doesn’t have enough storage for other stuff either. It only holds 40 somes ounces of water. But with 32.6 miles of trail running, I want to make sure I have enough water available. I will also need to bring some food, and some other emergency supplies just in case. I will also need a water purification system. So I decided I wanted to try the Camelbak Mule. The Mule holds 100 ounces of water!
I could have gotten older models a little cheaper, but the 2007 Camelbak Mule has newer features that sounded useful, so I decided I that was what I wanted. So I have been checking various sources and found the Camelbak to be a bit pricey. So I have been watching eBay. I have tried to buy a couple, but they have gone above what I wanted to pay before or after I bid. But today I managed to win an auction for a 2007 Camelbak Mule. I got it $43.25 plus $12.99 shipping. And it is brand new.
Now that the weather is warming up, I will probably start running outside some. I will do some trial runs wearing the Camelbak and see how it is.