Cancelled New York City Marathon entry

I applied to the New York City Marathon lottery earlier this figuring odds were against me getting in. I had lots of friends try to get in last year, and only about 10% got in. So I applied, and waited…and waited. There were some other marathons I was interested in running, such as Steamton in Scranton, PA. But I didn’t know whether I was getting into the NYC Marathon. Low and behold, I got into the New York City Marathon on my first try. I was actually a little disappointed. I have never been into the actual city there, and have no clue how to get around. I reserved a room at a hotel, and started making plans.
My wife is currently in school working on her master’s degree. She will be done next year. So I have been paying her expensive tuition by selling various investments. But when the stock market tanked, the investments I had that were hopefully enough to bay for the rest of her schooling, all of a sudden wasn’t enough. I decided to skip going to Las Vegas for the marathong there. But when I started looking at what it was going to cost to go to New York City for the marathon, it was going to come close to a $1000 (hotel, gas to drive there and back, parking, dog boarding fee, food, etc). Ack! I probably could have done it cheaper, such as stay at the hotel for one night instead of three, and basically make it a short tight weekend. But still the costs would have been excessive when considering the $8000 we still need to pay for her school.
I weighed the options. On one hand, if I cancelled, I would eat the $155 registration fee. But I would get guaranteed entry next year, but I would have to pay the $155 (or more) again. On the other hand I would be spending money I really don’t have which would drive my credit card balance up higher. I decided the best thing to do was just skip the New York City Marathon this year.
It sucks to be out the $155, and it sucks to have spent four months training for a race, that I wont be running. But oh well. When my wife graduates, and gets a job, things will be better.