Evolution Running

I started running a little over a year ago. No lessons were required. I just srated jogging thent running. I saw video of myself at the halfway point of the Buffalo Marathon. I was still running pretty strong at that point. But in the video it looks more like I am shuffling along. I was doing about 9:30 minute miles at that point, but in a shuffling sort of way.
The other day I was search for spinning videos to workout to on my bike trainer. But I stummbled on a DVD titled Evolution Running. I had never heard of it. The goal of the DVD is to teach you how to become a more effiecient runner. I am sure I waste lots of energy. I know for swimmers there is Total Immersion which teaches tham how to becomre more effiecient swimmers. So I am thinking this video is something similar to that except for running.
Apparently they have studied the fastest runners and have seen what they do. They run at a certian cadence, kick their feet up behind them, bring their feet down below their center of gravity.
So while I have been working on improving my endurance and stuff, I can probably also gain time by improving my running form. So I ordered the DVD. I am hoping it comes sometimes this week.

Here is a promotional video I found for it out on YouTube: