Extended treadmill warranty

The treadmill tech came last night to check out my treadmill. I already had a new deck and belt shipped to me from Horizon. It’s still under warranty for parts from Horizon, but not labor. But I have the 4 year extended warranty that I purchased. *evil snicker*
The guy was supposed to be there between 6-7, but didn’t show up til 8. I had put off my intervals anticipating him showing up. But I called him about 7:10 to find out if he was coming, and he said he would be there before 8pm. So I started my running. I got the warmup mile and 8 x 1/4 mile repeats done before he showed up. I got 1 x 1/4 mile in while here was there.
I thought that one of the bearing was going bad because of noises it was making. There were actually two sources of the noises. One was a few loose screws. The other was…wait for it…a bad bearing. He is going to order a new rear roller. This will be the second replacement rear roller in less than a year and a half.
He opened the boxes I got from Horizon, and found the deck was damaged, probably in shipping. The corner was munched. I was useless. So he is going to order another deck. So it might be 2 or 3 weeks before I get it repaired. Meanwhile the treadmill is still useable, just noisy.
That extended warranty will more than pay for itself!!!
One annoying thing was that the tech lectured me on learning how to run softer. I think I run fairly soft now. I am not like a Ryan Hall who looks like he is barely touching the ground. But I think I run fairly lightly. I was doing my 1/4 mile repeats at 6:00 minute/mile pace (10mph). The tech got on there and ran at only 8mph and was POUNDING away. Yeah he was not wearing running shoes, but still. The TM was bouncing! And he was lecturing me. *grumble*


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