Faster intervals!

Last night I ran my toughest intervals yet! I switched from the FIRST 3:30 schedule, to the FIRST 3:15 schedule. I had to cheat to get through them. Instead of doing a 200m rest interval, I took a 2-3 minute rest between each one to catch my breath!!! And I was literally gasping for breath! My throat is still a little sore as it dried out on the first interval.

I warmed up with an easy mile at 10:00 pace.
The first interval was .75 miles @ 6:04 pace. This was the toughest to keep going on!
2-3 minute rest.
Then I did .63 miles @ 5:56 pace (closest to 5:58 pace TM can do).
2-3 minute rest.
Next was .50 miles @ 5:56 pace.
2-3 minute rest.
Then came .38 miles @ 5:53 pace.
2-3 minute rest.
Lastly I did .25 miles @ 5:46 pace.
2-3 minute rest.
Then I did a 10 minute cool down at easy 10:00 pace.

All but one of these intervals were done at a faster pace than my old treadmill would even do!

I am pretty sure I could run a mile at 6:00 pace though.

I would like to run a 5 minute mile some day just to say I did it.