February 16th Tempo Run

My run last night went pretty well. I got from home from work, played on the computer for a little while, then got ready to run. I ran the first 2 miles an easy pase at eight minutes 34 seconds minute per mile pace. Then I cranked the treadmill up. I was scheduled for 7:05 minute/mile pace, running for 3 miles. But the closest my treadmill would get to 7:03 minute/mile pace, so I ran the first mile in that pase. But then I needed to go out to clear the driveway because my wife was to be coming home and it had been snowing. So I went out clear the driveway which didn’t take a whole long time. Then I came back in jumped back on the treadmill and ran the next 2 miles at the 7:03 minute/mile pace. Then I ran one easy mile cool down at 8:34 minute/mile pace. Overall, it felt pretty good.