“Feel The Beat” Pulsating Metronome Watch

I have been playing with running with a metronome to improve my cadence. In the short time I have been doing, it feels like my running has improved. The metronome I have been using is a Seiko DM50 and it clips onto my treadmill. But I wanted something to take with me during a race. I thought a watch with a metronome function would work well. But searching around, I could only find one. It is called the “Feel The Beat” Pulsating Metronome Watch. It is not inexpensive. But since it seems to be the only one that I could find, I ordered it. I does have a vibration mode too which is cool. That way when I am running a race, it will not be beeping and annoying everyone around me.
It came in the mail yesterday. The instructions that came with it are sparse. It said if the display is not showing, charge it for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, otherwise charge it for 1 hour. It also said to make sure the plug is pushed all the in. It also warned not to reset the watch while it is charging. There was also a warning not to charge the watch for more than 2 hours.
I plugged it in, and charged the watch for 2 hours. The display was still blank. I pressed various buttons, but couldn’t get it to display anything. I thought maybe it didn’t charge…maybe it was a bad plug or something. But then I noticed a little hole on the back of the watch labled reset. I pushed a pin into the little hole, felt a click, and the watch came to life.
To setup the watch, I pressed and held the SET button until it beeped. The bpm value began to flash. Using the up/down buttons I set it to 90. Then I pressed the set button, and it asked if I wanted to 12/24 hours. I set it to 12h and pressed the SET button. Then it let me set the hour and minutes the same way.
I set it to vibrate mode by pressing the MOTOR/BEAT button. It displayed [1]. This the vibrate mode. I toggled it to “on” using the ON/OFF button. I pressed the MOTOR/BEAT again, and now it displayed [2]. This is the beep mode. I set this to “off” and pressed the MOTOR/BEAT again to finish.
To start the metronome I simply pressed the START/STOP button. I pressed it again to stop the metronome.
The beep is relatively quite compared to my Seiko DM50. It was hard to hear on my treadmill with the TV going, and the fan blowing, and the whir of the treadmill, and pounding of my feet. But I wanted to use the vibration mode. I was was wondering was the vibration would feel like. It is similar to a pager, except it seems to be softer. It is also a short pulse. It took a couple minutes to get used to syncing my running with the pulse instead of a beep.
I ran 5 miles with the watch in vibration mode. Not sure how long it will last. The specs on the website say 14 hours at 60 bpm. I have it going at 90bpm. And I am not sure if their number is for beep or vibration mode. I guess I will find out in a week and a half how it will do during a half marathon. Maybe I will charge it up and wear the thing for 3 1/2 to 4 hours to make sure it will last that long.