Free Pedometer

I got a free pedometer as part of the Eat Well/Live Well challenge that my company is taking part in. I got it last Friday, and played with it a little bit. The official start of the challenge was sunday morning. Besides all of my normal day-to-day walking around doing stuff, I am also doing my marathon training. I ran 12 miles Sunday, 4 miles Tuesday, 8 miles Wednesday, and 4 miles last night. Since Sunday morning, the pedometer has logged 82888 steps. The pedometer has both a daily total, and a overall total. I reset the daily total every morning. The challenge is 8 weeks long. The pedometer maxes out at 999,999 steps. I am hoping to roll it over by the end of the challenge.
I previously got a free pedometer from McDonalds with their Adult version of a Happy Meal. I played with that one for a while. I ran with it, and it didn’t accurately log the steps. It stopped working altogether. I think the running killed it. It was cheap, and only had one mode. This new one I got works much better.
Overall, the pedometer is a toy. I don’t think I will use it much after the challenge other than as a curiousity of how many steps I took. My heart rate monitor of the other hand is a serious training tool!