Fun with intervals

I had a lot of fun last night running my intervals. I ran the first mile warm-up easy at an 8:34 pace. Then I got into my 800m intervals. 800m intervals are one of my favorites! I was scheduled to run 6 x 800m at 6:15 minute/mile pace. But I goofed around the first interval running at faster paces trying to get video of my running. I got a short video clip of me running at 6:00 pace, and then I got a short video clip of me running at 5:00 pace. Actually 5:00 minute/mile pace is quite a bit faster than I usually run. It is also the fastest my treadmill will go. After I got the video clip which turned out pretty good, I kicked into the rest of my intervals. I ran the rest of the intervals at a 6:00 minute/mile pace. Still faster than I was scheduled to run them. But they felt pretty good. Then I ran one mile cool down, again at an 8:34 pace.
When I was done, I uploaded my 5:00 pace running video to Facebook. This actually took me a couple tries as the first time, my internet connection seemed to die. The problem seemed to be with my DSL service because even after rebooting everything, it still didn’t work. But a while later, it was working again.

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  1. Love that video, RJ.
    you are flying

    Comment by Big Al — February 11, 2010 @ 4:57 pm