Getting Faster!

Last night as part of my training I ran 5 miles at 7:03 pace. Actually, I ran 3.5 miles at 7:03 pace, took a couple minute breather and ran the last 1.5 miles @ 7:03 pace.

I finished the 3.5 miles in 24:46 which would have put me in the top 4 men from my company in the 3.5 mile Chase Corporate Challenge.

But calculating out the 5k time, I ran it in about 21:52-21:56. Looking at some 5k race results I saw this would have put me in or near placing in some 5k races for my age group. And I could have run a little faster even. I have never actually run in a 5k race before. But I may try it. It would be cool to actually place in the top 3 in a race.

How the freak did this happen? I am not even a freakin runner!

Yeah it was on a treadmill. Always a treadmill. Interestingly, I tend to run even faster out on the road than on the TM. It’s like it under reports.

I just glanced at the local races for 5k’s, but nothing jumped out at me right away. I will look a little further. It is getting cold here, and I really don’t like running in the cold.
But next Wednesday I am scheduled to run 6 miles. 2 easy, 3 @ 7:14, 1 easy. The 7:14 pace is from the 3:30 schedule. I have been doing the paces from the 3:15 schedule for the fast runs, and that has me doing the 3 miles @ 6:45 pace.

Following the Las Vegas Marathon, I intend to up my training paces. Maybe start training on the 3:15 all the way, or maybe even the 3:10? I am sure I can find some good 5k’s in the spring when it is warmer out.