Heart Monitor Training For The Compleat Idiot

Heart Monitor Training For The Compleat Idiot by John L. Parker Jr.

SUMMARY: Great ideas, let’s see if they work.

After buying a treadmill, I wanted to learn how to use it the most efficient way possible. I started learning about aerobic and anaerobic zones, and heart monitors, etc. I found this book mentioned on Amazon in the review of another book. I read reviews, and many people seemed to like it. So I bought it. I have been pleased so far. The author even offers a guarantee in the begining of the book that if after a month of following the training theories in the book , that if you don’t see improvements, he will take the book back, and refund your money, and send you a certificate of apology.
He uses zones calculated using max heart rate and morning resting heart rate. So 70% of max is (MHR – RHR) *.70 + RHR. He recommends recovery days be run at under 70%. Hard days at over 85%. And that hard days be followed by at least one, if not two recovery days. The theory being that the sub 70% workouts build an aerobic base. The hard workouts help build speed and seem to ‘reset’ the pace needed to reach 70% on the recovery days.
I have been following this program for about a week, and am already seeing slight improvements. I am having to go just a little faster to keep my HR near 70%. And after doing eight miles on the treadmill with my HR under 70% I feel fine. I also did six miles on the treadmill last night as well in addition to a two mile walk. Supposedly keeping you HR down, it teaches the muscles to burn fat more efficiently. And after training at under 70%, your speed will increase while maintaining this low HR. And keeping your HR low, you don’t get as worn out, and are less likely to be injured.