Hey, I beat Don Kardong in a marathon!

My March issue of Runner’s World came in the mail yesterday. And as I will flipping through it this morning, on page 22, at the bottom of the Contributors section is Don Kardong. Don Kardong wrote a couple of my favorite running books: Thirty Phone Booths To Boston and Hills, Hawgs And Ho Chi Minh. I have read these books multiple times. In the blurb on the contributer’s page it mentioned that he ran The Las Vegas marathon last December in 3:48:40. And I thought, hey, I was there too! It was the second time I ran it, and I ran a 3:36:30. Wow, I beat Don Kardong by 12 minutes! *shock* Besides being a writer, Don also ran in the 1976 Montreal Olympics finishing 4th with a time of 2:11:16. Of course in 1976 I was like 13 years old. Yeah, Don is 14 years older than me. I can only hope to be running that fast when I am 58. I will never be a world class runner like Kardong, but I have to take what I get. LOL!

So Don, if you read this, somewhere up ahead of you was a fan of yours. I was hard to miss. I was dressed as Elvis. Okay, there 208 people dressed as Elvis, but I was the one 12 minutes ahead of you. Maybe I will get to actually meet you one of these days. That would be cool!