I bought a Horizon T900 treadmill!

I do all my training on my treadmill. The Proform treadmill that I bought used last year for $350 is getting worn out. I already broke the frame once and had it re-welded. The belt is now badly worn, and is likey to fail at any time now. The thing is noisy as all heck. I have probably put close to 2000 miles on it since I bought it in July 2006.

So this morning for my Black Friday shopping I bought a new treadmill. A Horizon T900. I got it for $1000 (MSRP $2200, normal selling price is $1500). I got the extended warranty for an extra $200 (for 4 years). And for another $100 they are going to assemble it, deliver it, and put it where I want it (on the top floor of our house). And I got a free Ipod Nano (the TM has an Ipod dock). And a free $20 giftcard.

Here are the specs:

The 12mph top end speed will be usefull! I am already hitting the 10mph limit on my Proform when running 400m intervals.

I am going to be beating this thing up!!!!

I am hoping to get my wife to use it maybe.