I have a cold!

The Las Vegas Marathon is in just over a week, and I am slowly getting over a cold!

Last Saturday I woke up a little stuffy. But it went away during the day. That evening I did my long run (13 miles at 8:00 pace). I felt a little stuffy that night, and woke up completely stuffed up, and tired. I normally would have done some spinning on Sunday, but I was just drained. I went to karate class that night since I was supposed to teach. But I had the other black belts run things. I ate chicken noodle soup, and started using Airborne which some of my friends swear by.

I didn’t go to work Monday. No aikido class Monday evening. I definatly didn’t do my 1000m intervals!

I didn’t go to work Tuesday either. I didn’t spin at all. And there are no karate classes this week due to the holiday.

Wednesday I was finally feeling a little better. I didn’t want get everyone at work sick, so I stopped in, got my computer, and worked from home. I did my tempo run Wednesday night (2 miles @10:00, 3 miles @ 6:45, 1 mile @10:00), but I felt very sluggish! I had to take a couple short rests during the 3 miles at 6:45 pace.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, so no work. I cooked turkey and did some spinning for about 50 minutes. I did the Spinervals Autumn Country DVD. So it was easy aerobic stuff.

Todays Friday. Still no karate tonight, but I plan to do some spinning. Not sure which one yet. I might try 1 or 2 of the 30 minute time-saver workouts that came in my Spinervals Endurance Building 5 pack.
Tomorrow is my last long run: 10 miles at 8:00 pace. Hopefully that goes okay.