I’m awake! Race in 3 hours…

My duathlon starts in about 3 hours. Just ate my PB&J sandwich , and am drinking my diet pepsi.

Overall, this race is not very important to me. There’s no medal. Only the top three people in age group, plus the top three overall get little trophies. And being a 44 year old male which is a tough category in about any race, I am not likely to be near the top three. Next year I will be 45, and hopefully fast, and POSSIBLY have a chance…maybe. But this year I am hoping to be in the top half of the standings.

So why in the heck didn’t I sleep well? All night long I dreamnt I was running or riding in the race. Sheez..I did more mileage in my sleep than there are in the actual race!

My plan is to line up toward the front and try to keep pace with the faster runners, and then go from there. I have run 2 miles at 6:52 pace in training. But that was on a TM, not on a muddy up and down trail. But I know I can go pretty fast. Last year I ran the first 2 mile section at about 8:45 pace, and the second time I did at 9:39 pace. I am much faster this year.

The bike part, I will just go. I averaged 13.6 mph last year. Not bad considering I had just bought the bike a week before, and had only ridden 3 times in the previous 13 years or so. I think I will be fater this year. Will I be able ride at the 17.6mph of the fastest riders in my age group…I doubt it.

I am looking forward to the Niagara Falls Half Marathon next weekend. I think that will be more fun. Nice steady miles. These shorter sprint things…I am just not used to them I guess.

Anyway…I am awake!