Indoor triathlon

A co-worker of mine told me about an indoor triathlon at the local YMCA. The race has a 15 minute swim in the pool, a 15 minute ride on a stationary bike, and 15 minute run on a treadmill. The athletes will get a 5 minute transition between each event. I haven’t done a triathlon yet. This one sounded like fun, and will be good practice for future triathlons including my Ironman race next August.
I stopped at the YMCA on my way home from work and signed up for the race. The triathlon takes place on December 14th. It may be a bit agressive for my first triathlon, but I am targeting to finish it in about 55 minutes. LOL!
I still have to figure out what to wear. Do I wear my swim jammers for the swim, and then change into bike shorts for the ride, and the run? Or do I change into running shorts for the bike and the run? Or do I just wear my swim shorts for the whole race, maybe throwing a jersey on after the swim? Maybe I should get a tri suit? I will have to do some research into what to wear for an indoor triathlon.

I applied to the New York City Marathon lottery earlier this figuring odds were against me getting in. I had lots of friends try to get in last year, and only about 10% got in. So I applied, and waited…and waited. There were some other marathons I was interested in running, such as Steamton in Scranton, PA. But I didn’t know whether I was getting into the NYC Marathon. Low and behold, I got into the New York City Marathon on my first try. I was actually a little disappointed. I have never been into the actual city there, and have no clue how to get around. I reserved a room at a hotel, and started making plans.
My wife is currently in school working on her master’s degree. She will be done next year. So I have been paying her expensive tuition by selling various investments. But when the stock market tanked, the investments I had that were hopefully enough to bay for the rest of her schooling, all of a sudden wasn’t enough. I decided to skip going to Las Vegas for the marathong there. But when I started looking at what it was going to cost to go to New York City for the marathon, it was going to come close to a $1000 (hotel, gas to drive there and back, parking, dog boarding fee, food, etc). Ack! I probably could have done it cheaper, such as stay at the hotel for one night instead of three, and basically make it a short tight weekend. But still the costs would have been excessive when considering the $8000 we still need to pay for her school.
I weighed the options. On one hand, if I cancelled, I would eat the $155 registration fee. But I would get guaranteed entry next year, but I would have to pay the $155 (or more) again. On the other hand I would be spending money I really don’t have which would drive my credit card balance up higher. I decided the best thing to do was just skip the New York City Marathon this year.
It sucks to be out the $155, and it sucks to have spent four months training for a race, that I wont be running. But oh well. When my wife graduates, and gets a job, things will be better.

I slept in again to 8am. That was nice. I had kind of planned on going swimming today. The weather had been forecasted to be horrible, but when I got up, it was sunny, and the sky was blue. I took my bike out for a 16 mile ride. It was alot of fun, other than the flat tire I got when I picked up a thumb tack.
Then I did a couple hours of karate class.
I swam one mile doing a mix of front crawl/back crawl.
I did a 2/3rd mile warmup, and ran 6 x 400m intervals at 6:00 pace. I debated about even running. Since I cancelled my entry into the NYC Marathon, I plan to take it easy until late December when I start training for the Boston Marathon.
Then I did a couple hours of karate class.
After ork, I signed up for an indoor triathlon (15 min swim, 15 min stationary bike, 15 min run on a treadmill). So I have that to train for. I got home, got my stuff together, and headed to the pool. I swam fast for 15 minutes (1/2 freestyle, 1/2 backstroke), and managed to swim 13 laps in 14:38. I paused the watch, and caught my breath for a few. Then I continued swimming till I hit 35 laps (one mile). I finished the mile in about 42 1/2 minutes (not counting my time out to catch my breath. I need to work on swimming freestyle more consistently. I can swim 50 yards in about 50-60 seconds if I do freestyle the whole way. I can swim 50 yards in about 60-70 seconds if I swim half freestyle, and half backstroke.
When I got home, I did some easy spinning on my bike for maybe 45 minutes.
I had been tapering. I was scheduled to run 3 miles today: 1 easy mile, and 2 miles at 8:00 pace. That was when I was supposed to run the New York City Marathon on Sunday. But since I cancelled that, I dropped the taper. I am going to be following the Furman FIRST 3:20 schedule as I train for Boston in April. The schedule starts the last week of December. In the meantime I am going to do the first few weeks of the 3:20 schedule, though limiting my long runs to 10 miles.
So tonight I ran 6 miles on my treadmill. 2 miles at 10:00 pace, 2 miles at 6:58 pace, 2 miles at 10:00 pace.
I did a 40 mile ride this morning. The temps started out in the mid 40’s. I rode 18 miles to pick up a Fizik Pave bike saddle that I won on ebay. I rode in to a stiff head wind for the whole 18 miles down there. But at least I got the tail wind on the way back. I stopped at the local tri/running store to see what he had. I ended up buying some Yankz Lace Locks and a pair of Fila Volante shoes that he had on clearance for $20.
I also got into an accident about 3 miles from home. I was cruising down the road at about 25mph, and came to a crossroad. I didn’t have a stop, but the truck who pulled out in front of me did. I slammed on my brakes and stopped. He appologized saying he didn’t see me.
It was a little over 2000 feet of climbing.
MationBased data:

I ran 10 miles this morning. I ran the first 5 miles at an 8:00 pace with walk breaks. The second 5 miles I ran at about 7:35 pace also with walk breaks. I plan to use the Furman FIRST 3:20 schedule to train for the Boston Marathon. So I want to get used to running at this faster pace.

When I started running, I was slow. But using various training schedules, I have gotten stronger and faster. What really made me faster at running marathons, was speed training. I had used the Four Months To A Four Hour Marathon book schedules, and added intervals and tempo runs to my training. Then when I switched to the Furman FIRST program, it had intervals and tempo runs every week, and it varied them for distance and speed. That really helped make me faster.
My swimming has all been at pretty much one slow speed. I need to find a schedule that adds something like intervals and tempo swims or something like that. I am guessing my swimming would get faster. I have seen a book titled "Workouts in a Binder for Swimmers, Triathletes, and Coaches". I will have to check out the contents of the book to see if it actually has what I am looking for. Actually, I just searched Amazon, and found the same authors have another book
titled "Workouts in a Binder: Swim Workouts for Triathletes". That might be exactly what I need.

I slept a lot today. I did a 10 mile bike ride to the bike shop to pick up some new brake cables. Then I did a couple hours of karate class.
I rode my bike to the community center. I swam 1.2 miles (42 laps) in a easy/slow 58:38. I alternated between front crawl and back crawl. Then I rode my bike home. Maybe next time I will try to do more front crawl. Maybe three lengths front crawl, one length back crawl. We’ll see.
When I got home from work, (after letting the dog, checking the mail, etc) I started running my intervals. Unfortunatly I didn’t get far. I ran a little over a half mile warm up. I ran 2 x 1000m intervals @ 6:30 pace, and then had to get ready for karate class. After karate class, I came home and did another half mile warmup, then ran another 3 x 1000m intervals.
I rode my bike to the community center. Geez it was cold. I need to wear gloves, and something under my helmet to cover my ears. I swam a mile. I swam a lot more freestyle tonight. I tried to do 50 yard intervals. I worked at swimming 50 yards as fast as I could. I think my fastest 50 yard lap was 49 seconds. Maybe a little faster. Then I was rest between laps. I did a little backstroke, but mostly freestyle.
I planned to get up early this morning and crank out my run before work. Unfortunatly I got a phone call just before midnight on the support phone I am carrying for work. A wrong number. A minute later they called back. It was still the wrong number. I had a hard time getting back to sleep. Then I slept poorly. But slowly I start to get into a deeper sleep. Then the phone rang again at about 4:30am. Same frigging people! Get a clue! There is no Dr. Gorczyca here! I had set my alarm for 5:45, but ended up hitting the snooze for 20 minutes. I manage to get my run done, minus the cool down mile. I was a little late for work. I was tired all day thanks to being woken up in the middle of the frigging night!
I skipped swimming as time was too tight. I have been squeezing swimming in after work, and before going to karate class. But I needed to pick up my new tires at the bike shop, and needed to go to the post office. So that left little time for swimming. I decided to go swimming on Saturday instead.
I slept in till almost 8am. Then I procrastinated my running. When I finally started my running, I was just lacking energy and motivation. I did manage to finish my scheduled 10 miles. I then took a hot bath and an hour long nap. I considered going swimming, but just lacked the energy and motivation to go. I may try to go tomorrow. I want to ride my bike tomorrow, even if it is on the trainer in front of the TV.

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