I ran my intervals last night. They went very well. I started with an easy mile at 8:34 minute/mile pace. I took a two-minute rest interval. Then I ran the first interval which was 1 mile at 6:32 minute/mile pace. That went pretty well. I took a two-minute rest interval. Then I launched into my two-mile interval at 6:42 minute/mile pace. I have done this training schedule multiple times and had never managed to finish the two-mile interval without stopping to walk or catch my breath. Last night I managed to make it all the way through the two-mile interval with stopping. Then I took another two-minute rest interval. Then I launched into to 800m intervals at 6:15 pace. Each of those also had a two-minute rest interval. Then I did one easy mile cool down at 8:34 minute/mile pace. The work out felt really good. And I was really excited to have finished the two-mile interval!

I need to start getting back into my Ironman training. My Ironman is in July, and the Boston Marathon in April. Thus far I have been doing mostly Marathon training. And swimming a little in between. But as of this week, actually last week, my Ironman training schedule started. I need to start ramping up the swimming and biking. I want to try to go swimming two times a week. And a couple spinning sessions per week. Maybe a brick workout or two. It’s still winter here, so I have a real difficult time getting out to do any biking. All my biking will be have to be done on the stationary trainer. Still trying to figure out the scheduling of everything, of how my running biking and swimming will all fit in with my work schedule and my karate schedule. I’ve done it before, so I guess I can do it again.

My run last night went pretty well. I got from home from work, played on the computer for a little while, then got ready to run. I ran the first 2 miles an easy pase at eight minutes 34 seconds minute per mile pace. Then I cranked the treadmill up. I was scheduled for 7:05 minute/mile pace, running for 3 miles. But the closest my treadmill would get to 7:03 minute/mile pace, so I ran the first mile in that pase. But then I needed to go out to clear the driveway because my wife was to be coming home and it had been snowing. So I went out clear the driveway which didn’t take a whole long time. Then I came back in jumped back on the treadmill and ran the next 2 miles at the 7:03 minute/mile pace. Then I ran one easy mile cool down at 8:34 minute/mile pace. Overall, it felt pretty good.

I had a lot of fun last night running my intervals. I ran the first mile warm-up easy at an 8:34 pace. Then I got into my 800m intervals. 800m intervals are one of my favorites! I was scheduled to run 6 x 800m at 6:15 minute/mile pace. But I goofed around the first interval running at faster paces trying to get video of my running. I got a short video clip of me running at 6:00 pace, and then I got a short video clip of me running at 5:00 pace. Actually 5:00 minute/mile pace is quite a bit faster than I usually run. It is also the fastest my treadmill will go. After I got the video clip which turned out pretty good, I kicked into the rest of my intervals. I ran the rest of the intervals at a 6:00 minute/mile pace. Still faster than I was scheduled to run them. But they felt pretty good. Then I ran one mile cool down, again at an 8:34 pace.
When I was done, I uploaded my 5:00 pace running video to Facebook. This actually took me a couple tries as the first time, my internet connection seemed to die. The problem seemed to be with my DSL service because even after rebooting everything, it still didn’t work. But a while later, it was working again.


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