iPod Shuffle is Not Designed for Running

How to “fix” an iPod that died from sweat:

Several years ago, I bought an iPod Shuffle. It was the new 2nd generation model. It seems like it would be great for running. It’s small, light, and made of aluminum which you would think would make it tough. I ran with it on multiple occasions. But during one long sweaty run, I paused it, and it wouldn’t unpause. I thought maybe the battery was low. But I couldn’t get it to charge. The computer wouldn’t even recognize it. I took it to the Apple store, and they tried various things, but they couldn’t get it to do anything either. They replaced it, and gave me a brand new iPod Shuffle. I was pretty sure the sweat had killed it.
I was never particularly fond of the iPod Shuffle to begin with. I HATED being forced to use iTunes to load music onto the mp3 player. I would have rather have dragged and dropped the music onto it. I soon replaced the iPod Shuffle with a Sandisk Sansa Clip which I loved. It had a longer battery life, a tiny display, and was only a little bit larger than the iPod Shuffle. And I could drag and drop my music onto it. I didn’t have to use iTunes!
While on vacation, I dropped my Sansa Clip into a creek. I dried it off, and it worked for a while, but eventually died. I guess being FULLY submerged in water was a little too much for it. So I pulled out my old iPod Shuffle and charged it up. I took it out for a run last night. About 25 minutes into my run, it started raining. The iPod Shuffle was clipped to my shorts, and under my shirt. My shirt got wet, and the wet shirt was contacting the iPod Shuffle. Apparently that was enough. By the time I got home, the iPod Shuffle stopped playing. I thought maybe the battery was low. I hooked it up to my computer and nothing. I even tried charging it with a USB adaptor. It’s dead. It didn’t even get that wet. It was just in contact with a damp shirt. Apparently the iPod Shuffles are hypersensitive to moisture, which doesn’t make for a good mp3 player for running! I mean you are going to sweat, and it is going to rain sometimes! And I have read of many other people having the same issues! I won’t be buying another iPod Shuffle! What a piece of crap! I will buy another Sansa Clip!