Lake Placid Ironman Not For Me

For months I have been plannning to try to register for the Lake Placid Ironman. The race was on July 20th. I was even up in the Adirondacks on July 19th where I ran an ultramarathon. I considered driving up to Lake Placid after my race, so I could watch the Ironman. I even had a friend racing in it.
Then registration for the 2009 Lake Placid Ironman was held on July 21st. So we could have hung and I and I could have gotten in line. But my wife had to work on July 21st. So she couldn’t do it.
So my plan was to try to register online. Last year, 1200 spots sold onsite the day after the Lake Placid Ironman. The rest of the spots sold out online in like 5-10 minutes. I knew it would be tough to register online, but I was going to try.
When I got to work in the morning, I logged in to to make sure it wasn’t blocked or anything. If it was blocked, I planned on going to the local public library for lunch and using one of their computers. But I was able to connect to with no problems. I openned a text document, and typed in stuff like my credit card number, and address, so that I wouldn’t have to type them. I could just cut and paste them into any forms if I had to, and maybe save a few seconds, just to improve my odds a bit.
About 11am I connected to only to find a note that the Lake Placid Ironman had sold out onsite, and there would be no online registrations. So I guess I wont be doing the Lake Placid Ironman next year.
My next hope is the Louisville Ironman. That race is on August 31st, and I am guessing the registration for the following year will be the next day. I will keep an eye on it as it gets closer.
Lake Placid is much closer, like half the distance of Louisville, KY. Another thing is that in July, my wife probably would have been able to come. At the end of August, it is more likely that might wife might not be able to make it. With luck she will be done with school, and have a job as a teacher.
Well, we’ll see what happens.