Loneliness Of The Long Distance Treadmill Runner

I think I might be a rarity. I do almost all of my training on a treadmill. I only know a few runners locally, and they talk about going off for runs with this person or that person. I run alone. On my treadmill. And since I am not out on the roads, or trails running, I don’t meet a lot of other runners around here. Most of the runners I know, I have met online, and they live in other parts of the country. And I don’t think any of them train exclusively on treadmills.
You would think a treadmill would be a poor substitute for getting out on the road and running. But I have run a couple marathons, a half marathon, and even an extreme trail ultramarathon (50k), and other than a few rare runs outside, all of the running has been on the treadmill.
I like the treadmill because I can set it and run and precise target speeds. This is nearly impossible to do outside. And outside, it is difficult to find nice level terrain, short of going to a track. And if I am going to be running around a track, how is that any better than running on a treadmill?
While it might not be a social vehicle, a treadmill is a great tool for training. Boring yes? But it serves it’s purpose.