Louisville Ironman 2009-Part 7


After exiting the river, I ran up the sidewalk, across a little bridge, and then down another sidewalk. I ran or maybe walked quickly to where my bike gear bag was located. A volunteer was already there holding it out for me. I grabbed it, thanked them, and ran towards the changing tents. As I approached the first tent, a volunteer waved me inside. This was the men’s changing tent. The tent was enclosed but had a big opening at either end for guys to enter and exit. So people were free to look in if they wanted to. Women were running passed the entrance. But I think they were so focused on getting to their own tent, they probably didn’t bother. I wonder what would have happened if the girls tent was first, and the guys had to run by the entrance. But then, the girls tent openings may have been shielded better. I don’t know. I didn’t notice.
Anyway, I ran into the tent. There were a lot of chairs, and a lot of guys in here. I found an empty chair and plopped down. I opened my bag, and pulled out a towel. I brought a beach towel. Next time I will bring a smaller towel. I pulled off my swim jammers, and dried off. I applied some Body Glide where my shorts sometimes chaif. I pulled on my bike shorts. I dried my feet some more, and put on some socks and my cycling shoes. I pulled on my LVM21 bike jersey. I had already loaded the pockets with stuff, and taped them closed with electrical tape. I pulled the tape off. I put on my heart rate monitor strap that syncs with my Cateye bike computer. I hung my Road ID tag around my neck. I strapped my race belt with my race number around my waist, the the number to the back. They had some small tubs of Vaseline in there for people to use. I scooped some out and applied it to pretty much the same places I used the Body Glide. I had never used Vaseline before. But what the heck, other guys were using it. Probably not a good thing to use something the first time during a race, but in hindsight, I think it worked better than the Body Glide. And it’s cheaper! I grabbed my helmet and sunglasses. I dumped the rest of my stuff into the bag. The volunteer offered to do it, but I wanted to make sure I got everything into the bag. I had some extra contact lenses in the bag just in case I lost one or both during the swim. Fortunately I did not need them. I donned my helmet and headed for the exit.
Outside the tent, there were some girls to apply sun block. I stopped and got sun block applied to my legs, arms, the back of my neck, the tops of my ears, and a little to the top of my head so I didn’t get sun burned through the helmet vents. I had her apply a little extra to the back of my neck since I had already gotten a bit of sun there the day before on my long walk to and from the swim start. Thinking about it now, I am wondering if the girls could see into the tent where all the guys were changing.
I put my sunglasses on. I may have stopped at a porta potty, but I am not sure. Parts of the day are a blur. I ran to my bike. I knew right where it was. I grabbed my bike, and pushed it to the bike exit. When I crossed the mount line, got on the bike and started to go. It was uphill, but the bike was already in a low gear. Up the small hill to the road, and now the bike portion was underway.