Marathon taper!

I finished my last 20 mile run on Sunday, now I am officially in taper mode for the Las Vegas Marathon on December 2nd! Yay!
I had to do the 20 mile run on Sunday instead of the usual Saturday due to a busy weekend schedule. So my two run this week are both pushed back a day. I am doing 8x half mile intervals tonight at 6:06 minute/mile pace plus 10 minute warmup/10 minute cooldown. Thursday I am scheduled for 6 miles (1 easy and 5 at 7:00 pace). The next Saturday I have a 13 mile long run at 8:00 pace.
Next week is Monday: 5 x 1000m intervals @ 6:08 pace. Wednesday: 6 mile tempo run with 2 easy miles, 3 miles at 6:45 pace, 1 easy mile. Saturday 10 miles @ 8:00 pace.
This week leading up to the marathon is Monday: 6x quarter mile repeats @6:00 pace. Wednesday: 3 miles (1 easy, 2 @ 7:26). And then Sunday would be the race that I am hoping to run at 8:00 pace.
I am using the first schedule. I tweaked it so I am doing the long runs according to the 3:30 schedule. But I have bumped up the intervals and tempo runs to the 3:15 schedule. I am trying to get a little more buffer room for the race. I would hate to miss my 3:30 target time by a minute or two.