Marathons & Headphones

I enjoy running marathons, and long distance events. But not so much that I want to just run them with no distractions. I want to have my music playing. Often I will even sing along with my mp3 player while running. During a recent ultramarathon I ran, I had my mp3 player going for nearly the entire eight and half hours. At one point I was running through the woods singing a long with Sir Mixalot’s Baby Got Back. LOL!
But many marathons are starting to ban headphones. Or maybe they had been banned, but now they are starting to enforce the rule. I was just up at Walmart looking for a pocket type radio that I could maybe carry, and I spotted an mp3 player made by Sandisk named the Sansa Shaker. It is actually designed for kids, and has some features I probably don’t care about. But it has a small speaker. It can use headphones as well. But I am thinking I might be able to carry it while I run a marathon, and listen to music, or maybe an audio book. I would want to be careful about the music I loaded on the thing. Eliminating the stuff with explicit lyrics. One draw back is that it will play mp3s, but not wma format files. That’s a drag cuz a bunch of my stuff is in wma format. I can covert it I guess.
The Sansa Shaker costs only $36 at Walmart, so it is relatively cheap. The colors are limited to blue and pink. The docs I have read said the batteries will last 10 or 15 hours using headphones. But no where have I read how long they will last with the speaker.
One concern I had was that it skips to the next song when you shake it. But I did some research and found that you have to hold another button while you shake it. So if I don’t press and hold the button, it should be okay while I am running. Another concern is the volume of the speaker, and the sound quality. I am not expecting high quality sound. But hopefully it sounds okay. And hopefully I will be able to hear it while I am running. If I listen to and audio book, I don’t need super quality sound, but I will at least need to hear it well enough to understand it.
I may buy one tonight and play with it.