My fastest mile (so far)

Last night I was scheduled to run intervals as part of my FIRST program training schedule. Here is the scheduled workout:

10-20 minute warmup
1 mile @ 6:41 pace
1/4 mile rest interval
2 miles @ 6:52 pace
1/2 mile rest interval
1/4 mile @ 6:26 pace
1/4 mile rest interval
1/4 mile @6:26 pace
10 minute cooldown

I know I can run fast for short distances. 1/4 mile intervals are no problem. But the 1 mile at 6:41 seemed like it would be tough. And I wasn’t even sure if I coudl hold a 6:52 pace for 2 whole miles without stopping!
I did my 10 minute warmuo by starting at a 4mph pace, and gradually increased it.
I did the mile in 6:42 as that was the closest my treadmill came to that pace. That is now my PR for a mile. I am sure I can do it faster, but not sure how much faster. It was tough!
I walked fo a 1/4 mile. I walked slow at 3mph to give myself a rest. Then I started on the 2 mile interval. I set the treadmill, and start running. My brain kept telling me that I could stop and rest at the one mile mark. My body was telling me that yeah, that sounded like a good idea. But I kept going, and managed to finish the 2 miles at the 6:52 pace! Wow!
I walked for another 1/2 mile to recover.
After the previous runs, the 2 half mile repeats were tougher than I expected, but they only lasted a little over 3 minutes. 3 minutes is doable. I just keep telling myself, just a little bit longer, then I can rest.
It was a good workout. Very fast…well, for me it was fast!
I am slowly getting faster!