My foot is finally feeling better

After running my intervals last Monday my foot started hurting just in front of the arch. I started fearing that I had a stress fracture. I managed to do my 15 miles long run on Saturday though my foot was hurting, but in his manageable. Last night I was scheduled to do intervals. My schedule was one easy mile, then 1000m interval, then a 2000 m interval, and then two more 1000 m intervals followed by one easy mile. A total of 5.1 miles. Fearing that the intervals would reinjure my foot, I opted to do five easy miles instead. So I ran 5 miles at eight minutes 34 seconds pace. My foot again was a little sore but less sore than it had been before. Following the run, I iced the foot, and took some ibuprofen. Today my foot feels okay. I’m still wondering what I did to the foot. Maybe it was just some sort of bruise in a joint or something. I don’t know. But I have the Boston Marathon in about six weeks, so I want to get my training in, but I also want to be healthy for the race.