My new fastest mile: 6 minutes 12 seconds

I used the FIRST 3:30 schedule when training for the Las Vegas Marathon. It radically increased my speed, and I finished in 3:36:30. That’s just 5 1/2 minutes short of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. I am going to try again in 2 1/2 months at the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA. But I want to hedge my bets a little bit. So I decided to use a more aggressive training schedule. The Furman FIRST schedule worked vey well for me. But I decided to use the 3:15 schedule. I don’t plan to run the marathon in 3:15, or even attempt to. I will probably run again at 8:00 pace, and try to hold it, and maybe finish with a little bit of a kick. Or I maybe target a 3:25 marathon. But I figure the faster training my give me a little more room to finish the marathon, and hit my 3:30 goal time.
Anyway, the intervals are faster, the tempo runs are faster, and the long runs are faster too. I have to look, but I think the long runs are longer. I think I have five 20 milers. Ack.
Back to what I was starting to talk about. The intervals are faster. As part of the schedule I ran a mile in 6:12. Actually, I ran three of them with a short rest between them. I am pretty sure I can run a mile at a sub 6 minute pace, but I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe next time I am schedule to run a mile repeat, I might try it.
Running that fast is not that hard. Running that fast for that long is tough. At first it is just running. But after a bit, my breathing increases. My throat starts to get dried out. My brain is telling me that it is okay to slow up, maybe take a short break. But I have to override that and keep going. I just keep looking at the timer and think only 3 minutes to go, only 2 minutes to go, etc. I also watch the distance. As I get closer to the end, I start counting down the hundreths of miles. Then I am done. I just have to push for 6 minutes. I can always rest afterwards.