My next race: The Shamrock Marathon

Having missed qualifying for the Boston Marathon, I looked hard for my next race. I originally started looking for something around May/June. I ran the Buffalo Marathon this year, and it was a good bet, though the course is relatively uninteresting. But it is flat and probably would be a fast course.
But in my searching I found the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA. I had heard of it from seeing ads, and cards in my goody bags from other races. I even got a Shamrock Marathon plastic cup at the expo for the Las Vegas Marathon. The Shamrock Marathon takes place in mid-March (March 16th). The course is supposed to be VERY flat and fast. One concern is wind. I have read reports of wind. But any course can have wind. The Las Vegas Marathon had a strong head wind last year, but nothing this year.
But since the race is in March, I will have three months to train for it. And if I don’t qualify for Boston there, I can try again in May or June at another race.
And the course looks interesting, running near the ocean. So I signed up for the race. I still need to book a hotel room.
We are looking at maybe making a short vacation out of it, and maybe visit North Carolina or Georgia and do one of those treasure hunting things that we have seen on TV.