Need to find swimming schedule

When I started running, I was slow. But using various training schedules, I have gotten stronger and faster. What really made me faster at running marathons, was speed training. I had used the Four Months To A Four Hour Marathon book schedules, and added intervals and tempo runs to my training. Then when I switched to the Furman FIRST program, it had intervals and tempo runs every week, and it varied them for distance and speed. That really helped make me faster.
My swimming has all been at pretty much one slow speed. I need to find a schedule that adds something like intervals and tempo swims or something like that. I am guessing my swimming would get faster. I have seen a book titled “Workouts in a Binder for Swimmers, Triathletes, and Coaches”. I will have to check out the contents of the book to see if it actually has what I am looking for. Actually, I just searched Amazon, and found the same authors have another book
titled “Workouts in a Binder: Swim Workouts for Triathletes”. That might be exactly what I need