New Years Day Freezeroo Race 2008

I was concerned about dressing for the race as I am not used to running outside int he cold. But I dressed just right for the run. I wore compression shorts, Under Armour Cold Gear pants and Cold Gear shirt. Nylon shell pants and jacket. Hiking socks. Trail running shoes. And my tassled Grumpy hat. Gotta have some fun.

I ran with my friends Juli and Al. I was trying to pace Juli to a faster race. Al was just along for fun and to get a training run in. I think Juli was getting a little annoyed with me. I kept trying to encourage her, cajole her, push her, or whatever it took to get her to speed up. But it didn’t work. She started off well and wanted to go too fast. I slowed her down, then in the middle she slowed down. But towards the end she actually picked up the speed a bit. Al and I had a blast. It was an easy run for us. We finished the 7.5 miles in 1:21:16. LOL! So slow!!! 10:50 minute/miles.
Here are the results:
I don’t take them seriously since we (Al and I) weren’t really trying at all. I am a little surprised that we didn’t finish last in our age group. We got close though. We gave it our best shot! LOL!

When I got home from the race, I ate, took a hot bath, ate some more, and then took a nap.

But I was also scheduled to run intervals too. So tonight I ran them too.
1 easy mile for warmup.
2 x .75 miles @ 6:03 pace.
4 x .50 miles @ 5:56 pace.
1 easy mile cooldown.

I was a great workout!