Polar Fitness Test

When I bought my Polar RS200 heart rate monitor, it came with all kinds of fancy features. Many I don’t use. Some I use, but not that often. One that I have played with on occasion is the Polar Fitness Test which figures out my “Ownindex”. I haven’t done it for a while, and decided to try it last night. I am not sure exactly how it works. I think it figures out how much your heart rate fluctuates, and how fast it goes from faster to slower or something like that.
Basically, I just strapped the chest strap on, and laid down on the bed. I rested for a minute, then I started the test. I think I was actually supposed to lay down for a few minutes before starting the test, but maybe next time. The test took a few minutes, maybe even 5 or more minutes. Then it popped of a number. It said my OwnIndex was 50, and that my fitness level was “very good”. I know there was a higher level than very good. So I looked it up. For my age grough 40-44 (I am currently 43), an OwnIndex of 47-51 is very good. Great than 51 would put me in the elite fitness group! Wow! So close!!!!! Well, I am going to continue my running and worrking out. In a little over a year I will be 45. At 45, an OwnIndex greater than 48 would be elite! I am right on the cusp of eliteness! I gotta keep working at it!