Polar Footpod vs Garmin Forerunner

Recently I ran an ultramarathon, and somewhere around mile 26, I tripped over a root, or a rock or something. This was about the umpteenth time I tripped over something. But a little ways down the trail, I found that my Polar S1 footpod was no longer on my foot. I backtracked to where I thought I tripped, but could not find it. I am not even sure that is where I lost it. It may have been missing before that.
Anyway, I looked and found the replacement cost is around $130. Ouch!
With that much money, I started considering an alternative. A Garmin Forerunner 305. The Forerunner has some neat features that the Polar doesn’t have. One of the features I am excited about is the virtual training partner. I think that might help me keep pace while running a marathon. Also the I think the pace, and distance might be more accurate than the Polar footpod. But all that remains to be seen. It will be helpfull at times to have the GPS feature as well.
So I ordered a Garmin Forerunner 305. I debated about about the 205 vs the 305. The 305 comes with the heart rate monitor. I use the HRM feature during races more as an information type thing. I don’t use it really during the race. But the 305 was only abotu $50 more than the 205, so I thought what the heck.