Popping the blister on my toe

I ran 7 miles on Saturday, and 14 miles yesterday. Somewehere along the way I managed to get a blister on the middle toe of my left foot. I didn’t notice it till this morning. As I was putting on shoes and socks to go out and clear the snow from driveway, I felt my toe rubbign against next toe. I pulled the sock off, and saw the blister. I didn’t have anything handy to pop it with, so I put the sock back on, and then the shoe, and went and cleared the driveway.
Then a little while later as I was getting ready to take a show, I felt the toe rubbing again. I decided I needed to pop it. I could’t find a needle in the bathroom, or next to my computer where I know I had had one at one time. I deciced to use a staple. I got the stapler, and tried to eject a staple out so that I could use it to pop the blister. But the dang thing was out of staples. So now I had to hunt down the box of staples. Fortunatly, they were right where I thought they would be. Then I was having problems loading the stapler. This model loads differently than traditional models. After a couple failed attempts, I finally got it loaded correctly. I shot out a single staple into my hand. Then I used it to pop the blister on my toe. I don’t think I have ever had such an ordeal to pop a single tiny blister before!
Maybe it would have been easier just to go down to my wife’s craft room and get a needle. LOL!