Precor C956 Treadmill

My treadmill at home is an older mid-grade Proform. But when I travel I get to run on other, often higher grade, treadmills. Today I went and worked out at a local fitness center. They had a couple Precor C956 treadmills and a couple other treadmills that didn’t look as heavy duty. Since I was planning on running at a 6:50 pace, I wanted a treadmill that could take a pounding. Fortunately the Precor opened up first.
If you have used one treadmill, most others are pretty easy to figure out. I liked the various displays on the Precor. Unlike some treadmills I have used, I liked the default displays. On some treadmills I have had to spend time getting the thing set up before I can even begin my run. But it defaulted to showing my pace as I adjusted the speed, the time I had been running, and the distance I had run. The running surface was nice, and absorbed the pounding of my feet. It was also pretty quiet, but was noticibly lound when accelerating or decelerating.
My training schedule had me running quarter mile repeats at a 6:50 pace with a 2 minute rest between each repeat.
I had to keep my finger on the speed up button until the speed finally reached a 6:49 (the closest I could get to 6:50). I wished that the Precor had accelerated a little faster. When the display reached .25 miles, I would hit the stop button, and it would pause. I would then watch the clock on the wall for the second had to go around twice. Then I would press the speed up button again. But the Precor would seem to reset itself shortly before my two minute rest was finished.
The Precor worked with my Polar Heart Rate Monitor strap, displaying my heart rate letting me remove the watch from my wrist.
There were what looked like 20 or more different programs on the C956. But I didn’t use any of these. It also allowed you to set the incline, but I didn’t play with this either. Overall it was a solid treadmill, and I would love to have one like it at home.