Proform 545e Elliptical

Last week, I saw a Proform 545e Elliptical trainer for sale on Craigslist for $80. The guy left an email address, but no phone #. I emailed him on Thursday, but got no response. I figured he must have sold it. But I did get a phone call from him Friday morning. I decided to go check it out and probably buy it that evening after 7pm when the guy would be home.
Following work, I had karate class, after which I headed home. I wasn’t there long when I got a phone call from the guy. He said that he had had several phone messages on his machine, but his daughter had accidently erased them. I told him that I hadn’t left a message, but I would come out there the check out his elliptical.
The weather was horrible with snow on the roads, and was still coming down pretty good. But I made it to his house. The Eliptical was in his garage which was unheated and not even connected to the house. It was very cold! There was no way the Profrom 545e was going to fit into my car as is. I needed to take it apart. I had brought tools with me. I had to remove several starlock type axle caps, as well as some nuts holding the upright part to the base. The guy helped my take it out to my car. My fingers were freezing. It still wouldn’t fit into my car. We disconnected a sensor wire, and the resistance adjusting cable, and then managed to get it into my car. I did break one of the starlock nuts, and mangled several others. I thought they would be easy to replace.
I got the 545e home, and carried it upstairs. I then headed off to Home Depot to see if they had some of the axle caps. They did, but not big enough. They only had axle caps upto 1/2 inch, but I needed a 5/8 inch one, and maybe a couple 3/4 inch caps as well.
I could mostly put the elliptical together without the lock nuts. One thing I noticed was the resistance knob was tight. I took it apart and found the resistance cable seemed to be kinked…I fixed that. Then I noticed the resistance know seemed to work the opposite way than it was supposed to. Some I took apart the console, and found the cable wrapped the wrong way around the little wheel. I loosen the cable, and wrapped it around the other way. I put it back together again.
I jumpt on the elliptical, and tried to use it. It was going okay. I then tried to adjust the resistance, and the dial was stiff. I turned it the other way, and it kind of popped, and turned around and around. I took it apart again. I found the little piece that held the cable to the wheel broke off. Ouch! On Proform’s site, I found I could buy a replacement part for $55. OUCH! But I think I might be able to rig something to make it work. Maybe drill a small hole in the side of the wheel, and hold the cable in place with a wire.
I called another place this morning about the axle caps, but they didn’t have any in the size I needed. I will continue looking. I know I can get them from Proform as replacement parts, but I think I might be able to get them cheaper elsewehere. I will continue looking.