Quarter mile intervals

4 weeks of runs and workouts left before the Las Vegas Marathon. I still have one 20 miles run left before we start getting into taper mode. But I am almost there.

I was scheduled to run 10 quarter mile intervals @ 6:20 pace with 10 minutes of warmup, and 10 minutes of cooldown. The rest interval was to walk or jog 1/4 mile (I chose to walk @ 15:00 pace).

Following my 10 minutes warmup, I ran my first quarter mile at 6:18 (9.5 mph) pace (closest I could get to 6:20 on my treadmill). It wasn’t hard at all. So for the next one I bumped up the speed to 6:15. For the 3rd interval I bump it up to 6:11 pace. For the 4th interval I went to 6:07 pace. For the next 6 intervals, I ran at 6:00 pace which is the fastest my treadmill will go. They really weren’t that hard. I could have run farther at that pace. Then I did my 10 minutes cool down.
It felt good.

Next week I have 8 half mile intervals @ 6:26 pace. I may crank those up too.