Replaced treadmill roller and bearings and made videos

I have had my Sole F85 treadmill for a couple years now. And after about 1700 miles of running, the bearings on the rear roller were starting to make some really scary noises. I called Sole, and they sent me a new roller under warranty. I replaced the roller and made a how-to video in the process.

But since I had the old roller, I decided to have some fun, and replace the bad bearings in that, and make a new video. The bearings in the rollers were labelled at 6203Z. I did some research on bearings and found many cheap Chinese bearings, but many reviews said they were junk. I found some Nachi brand bears that were made in Japan, and these had very good reviews. So I bought these off of eBay for under $6 each and free shipping. I installed these bearings in the old roller and installed it on my treadmill making another how-to video in the process.

I enjoy fixing things. And I also enjoying making videos. I hope these videos help people with treadmills. Enjoy!