Running Elvis

In less than two weeks I will be running in the Las Vegas Marathon. This will be my first marathon. I will also be part of the Running Elvises or Elvi. I got my Elvis running suit about a month ago. I have a couple Elvis wigs, but they both suck. I am waiting for the Elvis sunglasses I bought on eBay to show up.
Last night I dressed up in the Elvis running suit. Underneath I wore Nike Dri-Fit shorts and shirt. It was about 52 degrees outside, about 20 degrees warmer than I have hear it is likely to be in Vegas at 6am for the start of the marathon. Anyway, with flashlight in hand, I went out for a 3 mile run. Seeing that I live in Rochester, NY, I would have looked pretty goofy running in an Elvis suit, so I did it at night. The run was on backroads so there was not alot of traffic. The few cars that passed me probably didn’t notice that I was wearing an Elvis suit. They probaby just thought it was a strange running outfit. I didn’t wear the wig.
It was a little chilly to start off with, but once I got going I warmed up. The local temperatures are supposed to drop, and I will probably try to go out again when it is a little colder. I could always wear my Under Armour Cold Gear under the suit, but that might be too much.
I am looking forward to running the Las Vegas Marathon as a Running Elvis. I will be alot of fun. Some of the perks will be an escort to the starting line. A photo-op with the Blue Man Group. We get to witness the weddings at the run through wedding chappel at mile 5.5. There are also other events such as running a glory lap at the Expo. It’s going to be a blast!