Running with a metronome

I planned to get up with my wife who got up early to go take a test for school. But I ended up sleeping in till about 7am. I dragged myself out of bed, vegged for a few checking my email. I got my running shorts on an ran 5 miles on the TM while watching the Evolution Running DVD that came the other day. I was trying to follow the instructions on the DVD and correct my running form. It will take a while I think! I couldn’t wait for the metronome that I ordered to come so I could practice my cadence.
I got cleaned up, changed and headed off to aikido class. Nice good hour long workout there. Came home, and my wife got home shortly after I did. She thinks she did well on the test. She only needs to pass it, and apparently it doesn;t mean anything beyond that.
I got changed, and got on the treadmill again. I ran 3 miles and decided to check the mail. Yay! My metronome came!!! Also a couple spin training DVDs (cycling) and a front derailluer I bought off of ebay.
I counted my cadence a couple days ago, and I have been running about a 170 cadence. I set up the metronome and ran another 2 miles. I have the metronome going at 90bpm and I am trying run at 180 foot steps per minute which is supposed to be very efficient. So I need to shorten my stride just a little, and increase my cadence. I will practice this cadence until it becomes natural. Maybe I will take the metronome with me for the Nigara Falls Half Marathon. beep, beep, beep, beep for 13.1 miles! LOL!
I still have another 10 miles to go. I am going to run those with the metronome.
I also ordered a ChiRunning DVD as well. Maybe I can learn some different perspectives on proper running form.