Safe Sound Personal Speakers first impression

I want to have music in my upcoming marathon without fear of being disqualified for having headphones. Doing a google search, I found these Safe Sound Personal Speakers (SSPS-1) made by Safe Sound Sports. They only cost $19.95 and had free shipping. They arrived very fast, like only two days later. I was excited to try them out.
First, the speakers are powered by the mp3. I hooked them up to my iPod Shuffle and turned it on. I could barely hear anything. I turned up the volume to the max, and I could hear a little better, but they were still really quiet. I had planned to wear them on a lanyard, but I think that I would barely be able to hear them.
Speaking of lanyard…The website says “Safe Sound Personal Speakers can be worn as a lanyard, hanging around the neck which is great for guys who like to exercise with their shirt off.” There was no lanyard in the package. No problem. I looked for someway to attach a lanyard to the speakers, but didn’t see any. I finally figured out that you are supposed to use the speaker wires themselves as the lanyard. I don’t like this design as the wires would be too easy to rip out of the speakers if they snagged something. I do like the way the speaker snap together though. I just wish they had a small hole or something to attached a regular adjustable lanyard. But then wearing them on a lanyard, I don’t think there would be very audible.
Okay, next I tried attaching them to the collar of my running shirt. I don’t have singlet with strap to attach them to like the cute girl in the picture on the website. The speakers were pointing outward and looked kind of goofy attached to my collar. But they were a little more easy to hear placed here. Another location I tried attaching them was on the band of my running hat. I actually liked this location best. The speakers were a little closer to my ears. What I might try to do is see if I can secure the ipod shuffle to my hat, and the speakers as well. So if I take off my hat, everything will still be attached.
The clips on the back of the speakers are plastic and will attach securely to fabric. The clips are pretty tight, and might break is you try to attach them to anything too thick. The clips will also detach from the back of the speakers if they are to be use in a lanyard more.
I trying hooping up the speakers to my 1gig Sandisk Sansa. It has a little more wattage than the Ipod shuffle. So the music coming out of the speakers was a little louder. So they may work better with a louder mp3 player.
I was just playing with them in the house. I will trying hooking them up to something, and trying them during a short run.
I have also been researching bone-conduction systems. I found one made in Japan called the VONIA Bone Conduction Sports Headband made by Thanko. But it isn’t supposed to be released to the US till maybe late March. I will keep looking.