I was scheduled to run 11 miles last night but I had to cut it off the 3 miles because my foot was hurting I had done intervals on Monday running a total of 6 1/2 miles. And my foot was hurting then I iced it after the run and also took ibuprofen I also iced it on Tuesday and again took more ibuprofen so Wednesday evening for my run my foot was actually feeling halfway decent. I ran the warm-up mile at 8:34 minute/mile pace. Then I started the tempo run part, which was running 10 miles at 7:49 minute/mile pace. My foot started aching very quickly. Where it hurts is along the top near and maybe in front of the arch. I am hoping it is not a stress fracture. I have the Boston Marathon in about seven weeks. I have a ton of training to do. So I can’t really afford an injury. And after the Boston Marathon I have the Lake Placid Ironman in July. If worst comes to worst I will shift the focus of my training towards swimming and cycling to let my foot recuperate.