Spinning and running dvd

I ran Wednesday night doing my tempo run. I have no running scheduled for Thurdsays or Fridays. My next run is a 20 miler tomorrow. So I try to mix in crosstraining on my off days. I have a bunch of cycling DVDs with spinning workouts. I have done most of them, but last night I decided to do one I hadn’t doen before. The others that I have done have been an hour long. But the one I chose last night was only 45 minutes. I figured it should be a piece of cake. WRONG!!!! That thing was intense! I had to pause it, and take a short breather a little over half way through it. I did get back on the bike, and finish it. I was seriously gasping for breath and getting light headed at spots. My legs are still feeling it today. What a great workout!

My Evolution Running DVD came in the mail yesterday. I started watching it this morning before I started getting ready for work. I have maybe watched a third of it so far. I hope there is more instruction in the upcoming parts. He spends a lot of time telling us, and showing us what efficient running looks like, and why it is more efficient. But not so much how to get to running liek that. SO far the main suggestions seem to be running with a metronome so that we get used to running at a 180 steps per minute pace. This will mean shorter strides, and faster leg turnover. They also show a drill where we run in place.
I know my running (looks more like a shuffle) doesn’t look like anything the people in the video are doing.