Stair climb tonight

Tonight I am racing in a stair climb challenge. According to the brocure, it’s 19 floors, 38 flights, 393 steps. The top male last year did it in 1 minute 42 seconds. The top female did it in 2 minutes 26 seconds. I am hoping to do it in under 2 minutes. But I have no reference point. I have never done anything like this. All my training has been long slow distance, marathon training. This will be a sprint. I am going to wear my heart rate monitor. I am guessing I will max out my heart rate. I may even get a new max heart rate number out of this. My current maximum heart rate is 193. I did that my running intervals on a hill. A couple of my younger co-workers are also running the stairs. I am hoping to keep up with the one, and beat the other. But who knows.
I figure it is only 2 minutes. I can force myself to go all out for 2 minutes. That’s where my karate training comes in. I have had to force myself to keep going maximum effort for longer periods of time than 2 minutes. Sel when I feel my legs begin to slow down, I will try to override them, and keep them going. When my brain is telling it’s okay to slow down, I will ignore it. I will keep going! I will tell myself that I will have the rest of my life to relax after I get to the top of the stairs! It’s only 2 minutes! Full bore! 2 minutes! 


 It will be fun!
I just hope I don’t pull a muscle or something! I have been having a bit of tightness in my left leg. I will take some ibuprofen.