Still running on my sore foot

I cut my run on Wednesday short because my foot was hurting. I had been scheduled to run 11 miles, and ended up only running three. Today I was scheduled to run 15 miles at eight minute 9 second minute per mile pace. So far, I have run 10 miles at that pace. I still have 5 miles ago. My foot has been sore but manageable. After running 10 miles I iced the foot and also took some ibuprofen. This seem to help a little bit. Then I took a nice hot bath and that actually seem to make my foot feel better. Probably later this evening I’ll go ahead and run my next 5 miles. I am hoping it is not something serious like a stress fracture. But so far today I’ve been running on it and while it has been sore, it hasn’t seem to have gotten worse and actually feels better than it did on Wednesday night. I’m scheduled to do intervals on Monday night, but I might modify that schedule to do an easy run instead. Because it was running intervals that seemed to aggravate my foot in the first place. Maybe the harder pounding of running intervals caused some sort of damage in the foot. So maybe I will lay off the fast intervals until my foot is feeling better.