Swam 1 mile freestyle

I took the day before and the day after Thanksgiving off from work. Plus I had Thanksgiving itself off. It was nice to be able to go the the swimming pool in the middle of the day. Well, mostly nice.
My goal was to swim one mile using only freestyle. What I have been doing was swimming one length freestyle, one length backstroke. My backstroke is slower than my freestyle. The longest I had swam usning only freestyle was about 15 minutes and 15 laps. So my goal was to swim one whole mile using all freestyle.
So I headed to the pool in the afternoon. It was pretty crowded with people swimming laps and kids. I managed to grab a lane, and start swimming. The crowd started thinning out. I was in the second from the end. Then some guy and his kids jumped in and parked themselves at the deep end of the pool in my lane. The end lane was empty, but they decided my lane was where they wanted to be. I couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t the butt munch see I was using the lane to swim laps? The pool had a more empty lanes at this time. So I moved to another lane and continued my laps. Pretty soon one of the kids with the guy started to swim laps…not in the lanes, but ACROSS THE LANES! What kind of moron is this guy? Yeah, this was open swim, but geez, have some courtesy.
Then another lady was having her daughter swimming across the lanes at the shallow end. I came close to swimming over her.
Finally I managed to finish my 35 laps (one mile) in 44 minutes. I was forced to catch my breath between laps at the end of the pool. But 44 minutes was still faster than the 45-46 minutes I have been usually taking when swimming easy. I am going to try to work on swimming freestyle more regularly.